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Weapons in Atomicrops, like other roguelikes, feature multiple upgrades, and are used by players to defeat various enemies.

Each purchased weapon will break after 1 day upon returning to town, unless Gun Repair activates. By default though, you always have your trusty pea shooter.

Aside from Weapons, Atomicrops also features plenty of Upgrades, Scrolls and Tractors. Farm Animals can also be rescued in order to automate certain tasks.

2 random weapons are available for purchase in the Town every day, and can be upgraded after purchasing.

Upgrade Level Cost
Level 1 (Starting Level) Cost: Varies based on season
Level 2 Cost: 100
Level 3 Cost: 250
Level 4 Cost: 400
Level 5 Cost: 600
Level 6 (MAX) Cost: 900

All weapons besides the Pea Shooter can be upgraded 5 times. The upgrade given is chosen at random from a pool of upgrades per gun. Certain guns can also receive benefits from Home Improvements upgrades.

Image Weapon Description Notes Possible Upgrade Effects Possible Home Improvement Effects (If Any)
Pea Shooter Your default gun. Never breaks, cannot be upgraded. N/A +25% Range, +30% Bullet Speed, +50% Accuracy, +10% Critical Strike Chance, +10% Rate of Fire.
Spud Rifle Standard Rifle. Homing, Zap, +Rate of Fire, +Rate of Fire, +Damage
Rusty SMG Spray and pray Piercing, +Rate of Fire, Explosive Rounds, +Range +Dmg, +Accuracy +Dmg
Blunderbloom Boom. Close range shots deal extra damage. Close range burst deals double damage. Triple Shot, Faster Reload, +Clip Size, +Size, Bullet Orb
Parsniper Rifle Deadly from a distance. Faster Reload, Piercing, Headshot Chance, Zap, +Clip Size, +Clip Size
Shallotgun Deadly at close range. +Bullets, +50% Damage, +Clip Size, Back Gun, Toxic spores
Jackrabbit 12 Rapid fire shotgun. Faster reload, +Clip Size, +Bullets, +Damage, Ricochet
Flying Squirrels Chance to deal extra damage and drop a seed. Occasionally deals (double?) damage and drops a seed. (how often, which seeds?) +Drop Rate, +Damage, +Clip Size, Splash Damage, Faster Reload Starts with an upgrade.
Butcher's Knife Chance to deal extra damage and drop fertilizer. Occasionally deals double damage and drops some fertilizer. (how often, how much?) +Clip Size, +Damage, Piercing, +Drop Rate, Faster Reload Starts with an upgrade.
Cattling Gun Heavy-duty. +Clip Size, +Clip Size, Fertilizer Drop, Faster Ramp Up, +Rate of Fire, Less Slowdown
Biodegrader Warning! Contains hazardous chemicals. Faster Reload, Fire, +Clip Size, +Clip Size, +Size, Triple Shot
Sriracha Soaker Be careful. Faster Reload, +Clip Size, +Clip Size, Water Crops, +Range