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Updates[edit | edit source]

Overtime Atomicrops has had numerous updates, both within it's early access period and after it's official, 1.0 release. These updates come in two forms: Major Updates, which usually add a significant amount of new content to the game, and Minor Updates, which usually serve as hotfixes or otherwise minor changes.

Major Updates[edit | edit source]

A list of the game's Major Updates can be seen below.

Version Name Major Changes
1.2.0 Invasive Species Update Added four new Bosses, Blood Moons, the Alien Ant, two new Scrolls, ten new Achievements, five new Topiaries, as well as numerous smaller changes, balances, and bug fixes.
1.1.0 Thyme Flies Update Added Thyme and Dandelion as new Characters, new Weapons, new Items, the Tunneler Tractor, new Home Improvements, Online Leaderboards and Daily Runs, and numerous balance changes.

Minor Updates[edit | edit source]

Minor Updates include various patches, hotfixes, and regular updates.

Version Name Major changes
1.2.1f4 Patch 1.2.1f4 Quality of life changes, balance changes to the Sprinkler Tractor and Thorn, and numerous bug fixes.
1.2.0 Patch 1.2.0 Acted a beta branch for the Invasive Species Update with the majority of it's features.
1.1.15 Patch 1.1.15 Added V-sync option, auto aim option for controllers, and small bug fixes.
1.1.12 Patch 1.1.12 Added localizations, changed Shadow Vulture attack pattern slightly, increased Rye's gun repair chance from 25% to 50%, and slight bug fixes.
1.1.11f2 Patch 1.1.11f2 Added the Retrmation's Hoodie Achievement, changes to how Achievements are unlocked internally, and balances regarding enemy bullet speeds.