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This page features temporary upgrades. For details regarding upgrades that persist from year to year, see permanent upgrades.

Farming Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
DoubleWateringCan.png Double-Edged Watering Can Can water two plants at once.
Cleats.png Cleats Till soil by stepping on it.
Laxative.png Laxative Farm animals produce fertilizer.
GoldenHoe.png Golden Hoe Tilled soil lasts longer.
BubbleShield.png Bubble Shield Watering crops creates a bubble shield to block projectiles.
AvianPlancenta2.png Avian Placenta Chicken eggs give fertilizer.
Herbicide.png Herbicide Cut an additional weed.
WeedWacker.png Weed Wacker Cut weeds faster.
GrowthAura.png Growth Aura Nearby crops grow twice as fast.
ThankfulCrops.png Thankful Crops Crops have a chance to drop a seed and fertilizer when watered.
FatGrub.png Fat Grub Tilling soil has a chance to drop fertilizer and a seed.
AvianPlacenta.png Chicken Caliochory Chicken eggs give seeds.
PatchFertilizer.png Patch Fertilizer Planting crops of the same type together sometimes rewards fertilizer.
FertilseedPro.png Fertilseed Pro Increase chance of seed drop to 30% when harvesting.
FertilizedEggs.png Fertile Eggs Chicken eggs have a chance to hatch a new chicken.
Harvest Moon.png Harvest Moon Crops grow faster at night.
FarmStatUpA-resources.assets-265.png Farm Stat Up Increases farming stat by 2.

Combat Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades that directly improve combat ability and are in no way related to farming.
Image Name Description
Thorn.png Thorn Orbiting thorn that damages nearby enemies.
Drone.png Drone Follows you and attacks enemies.
Turret.png Turret Defends your crops.
MicroMissileMod.png Micro Missile Mod All guns fire a missile.
RustyShocks.png Rusty shocks Increase turret and drone damage and knockback.
Microchip.png Microchip Turrets and drones fire faster.
ButcherBayonet.png Butcher bayonet All guns fire a butcher knife.
LaserTracker.png Laser tracker Increase turret and drone range.
SquirrelPack.png Squirrel pack All guns fire a squirrel.



Gourd Orbiting gourd that blocks bullets.
Polygamy.png Polygamy Marry multiple spouses.
Wedding Ring of Power.png Wedding Ring of Power Significantly increases fighting stat.

(Acquired through marriage.)

FightStatUpA-resources.assets-1150.png Fight Stat Up Increases fighting stat by 2.

Combo Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades that relate to both farming and combat.
Image Name Description
SowShield.png Sow Shield Planting a seed destroys nearby enemy bullets.
WhiskeyShot.png Whiskey Shot Taking damage reduces tractor cooldown.
SproutEnergy.png Sprout Energy Planting a seed charges a powerful blast. The blast is released next time your gun is fired.
HelpfulWorm.png Helpful Worm Tilling uncovers helpful worms. Pick them up for protection.
RazorWeeds.png Razor Weeds Cutting weeds damages nearby enemies.
FertilizerFuelConverter.png Fertilizer Fuel Converter Collecting fertilizer reduces tractor cooldown.
DoubleCream.png Double Cream Foraging berries reduces tractor cooldown.
RootSoldier.png Root Soldier Harvesting a crop creates a root soldier.
Horse.png Horse Run faster after a short period out of combat or farming.
PsychoactiveWeeds.png Psychoactive Weeds Cutting weeds decreases enemy bullet speed and increases move speed.
Rake.png Rake Loot magnet.
SprinklerHead.png Sprinkler Head Turrets water nearby crops.
TillMissile.png Till Missile Tilling soil or breaking crust fires a missile.
WaterWitching.png Water Witching Watering crops zaps nearby enemies for 50% of their current health.
TurretGrowthAura.png Turret Growth Aura Crops next to turrets grow twice as fast.
MoveSpeedIncrease.png Move Speed Increase Increases move speed by 1.
AllStatUp-resources.assets-267.png All Stats Up Increases farming and fighting stats by 2.

Golden Chest Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrades that can only be found in a golden chest.

Image Name Description
OrganicArmor.png Organic Armor Regenerates each morning.
SuperTurret.png Super Turret Much better than a regular turret.
BackupGenerator.png Backup Generator Hold an extra tractor charge.
ExtraTractorSlot.png Extra Tractor slot Hold an extra tractor.
Resilience.png Resilience Crops spread onto hard crust soil.
DailyScroll.png Daily Scroll Receive a scroll every morning.