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Atomicrops features multiple NPC townsfolk that can be married by giving them a total of 17 roses. Rose seeds can be acquired in any biome and are grown on your farm.

Each spouse features individual skills.

More spouses have been confirmed to be in the works, there are not yet any details on these future spouses however.

Romancing System[edit | edit source]

Each eligible partner starts off as a stranger to the player, but their relationship levels increase upon the provision of a certain number of Roses. The potential suitors are found in town at the end of each day and have a random[citation needed] upgrade that is beside them. If you give the required number roses then you get the random upgrade, but marrying always gives the same item: a wedding ring with +5 power.

Roses Required Relationship Level
3 Acquaintances
4 Friends
5 Dating
5 Spouse

Available Partners[edit | edit source]

Portrait Name Skills
Rue Fighting, Seed Gathering
Norman portrait.png
Norman Fighting, Fertilizer Gathering
Borage Farming, Fertilizer Gathering