Permanent Upgrades

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Permanent upgrades are purchased from the Ant Builder using Cornucopias. The cost of each upgrade starts at 3 Cornucopias and increases linearly at a rate of 1. Some upgrades are unique and others are repeatable infinitely[citation needed]. There are 3 different sets of upgrades.

Some upgrades like "Water Pigeon" seem to be named, but most upgrades do not have a name currently.

Historian Ant
Keep a random upgrade from your previous run if you survived until fall.
Keep a random upgrade from your previous run if you survived past winter.
Start with 1 additional seed for each season survived last run.
Start next run with an random farm animal if you survived until winter in your previous run.
Gain 2 heart sprouts at the start of your next run if you survived until Summer in your previous run.
Start with an additional 2 fertilizer for each season you survived last run.
Start with an additional pickaxe.
Increase Sprinkler Tractor duration and watering radius
Sage Ant
Days last a few seconds longer.
Start with +1 to fighting stat.
Start with +1 to farming stat.
Start with 1 additional heart beet.
Run 1% Faster.
Engineer Ant
Earthquake Pigeon breaks additional soil crust.
Water Pigeon - Increase rain cloud by 20%
Increased Weed Whacker Tractor distance and width.
Scrolls will occasionally be sold in town at the gardening shop.
Found tractors start full charged
Reduce tractor cooldowns by 3%.
Purchased tractors start full charged
Scrolls will sometimes drop from bosses
Seed Pigeons have a 10% chance to sow higher tier seeds and a 3% chance to sow pumpkins or roses