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There are approximately two dozen different enemy types, in addition to many bosses and mini-bosses, in Atomicrops.

All biome-exclusive enemies (enemies from the Plains, Desert, Jungle and Tundra) have a stronger version of themselves in the tier 2 of that biome. Aside of their looks, the only differences between them are their health and the amount of bullets they shoot, both of which gain a considerable increase.

Common Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies found in all areas. (Names are unofficial, and HP is calculated by approx amount of damage taken until the enemy's death)

Image Enemy HP Attack
Bundit Guard Bundit Guard ~54 Slow single shot, Ranged
BunnyCopter.jpg Bunnycopter Flies at player, dealing contact damage


Roach ~54 Slow single shot, Ranged


Beeson Appear randomly in groups, fly across the biome ignoring the player, deal contact damage

Desert Tree Guardian

Tree Guardian Protects Golden Pupa's Bulb, jumps onto player

Farm Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies that exclusively appear on the farm.

Image Enemy HP Attack
Blue Mole Blue Mole Travels underground, occasionally pops up, shooting a few bullets at the player
Star-nosed Mole Star-nosed Mole Travels underground, occasionally pops up, shooting a few bullets at the player
Weed Monster Weed Monster Spawns from weeds on the farm, shoots multiple bullets at the player's approach

Night Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies that appear at night in waves.

Image Enemy HP Attack
Blunderbunny Blunderbunny Shoots single bullets at the player
Slug Slug Deals no damage, tries to eat crops. After Year 1, it'll start shooting bullets after it has eaten all the crops
Banana Slug Banana Slug Has more health than a regular Slug
Fruit Flies.png Fruit Flies Appear in swarms, hover in one place for a bit, then go and try to eat crops
Mortar Bundit Mortar Bundit Throws bombs in highlighted areas
Machine Gunner Bundit Machine Gunner Bundit Stops moving, charges for a bit, then shoot a volley of bullets at the player
Sniper Bundit Sniper Bundit Aims at player with a red line, then shoots a fast-moving bullet

Desert Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies that exclusively appear in the Desert.

Image Enemy HP Attack
Scorpion Scorpion Shoots lines of 4 bullets at player
Can Crab.jpg Can Crab Shoots 4 lines of 4 bullets at the player
Eagle.jpg Shadow Vulture Flies in circles, occasionally charging at the player
Cactus Cactus Shoots bullets in a circle around itself

Plains Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies found exclusively within the Plains areas.

Image Enemy HP Attack
Bull Boy Bull Boy ~126 Charge, Melee
Bat Bat ~36 Group flies in circle then at the player, Melee
Pine Bomber.png Pine Bombers ~126 Throws explosive pinecones at hilighted areas, Ranged
Wasp Wasp Flies at player, dealing contact damage

Tundra Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies found exclusively within the Tundra areas

Image Enemy HP Attack
Ice Mage Ice Mage Spawns a circle of orbiting bullets around the player, shoots other bullets towards the player
Fox Fox Sometimes leaves a trail of bullets behind itself.
Owl Listing Owl Flies around, sometimes leaving a spinning, circular bullet pattern
Volcano Volcano Shoots rocks in highlighted areas around itself.

Jungle Enemies[edit | edit source]

These are enemies found exclusively within the Jungle areas

Image Enemy HP Attack
Panther Disappears, striking between one and three times in highlighted areas
Venus Flytrap Venus Fly Trap Spawns a bunch of flies, which quickly fly at the player dealing contact damage
Chameleon Chameleon Occasionally charges in a random direction, shooting two bullets while doing so
Jungle Beetle Jungle Beetle Travels in groups, deals contact damage, flies away if attacked

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Bosses appear on the third and final day of each season.

Monstropod[edit | edit source]

SpringBoss 0.png

The Monstropod is a boss of Spring. Monstropod is a giant snail that is being ridden by a bunny. The bunny can shoot bullets at the player, while Monstropod himself will try to eat crops, then bail, if he took enough damage. When running away, it'll leave 4 Slugs behind.

Unfriendly Worm[edit | edit source]

The Unfriendly Worm is an alternative boss of Spring. It flies through the air, dealing contact damage. It doesn't directly target the player, but dodging is still in order. Shooting it enrages it, increasing its speed and aggressiveness. As it is damaged, it'll lose segments of its body, making it shorter. The boss doesn't cause any sort of harm towards crops.

Sol Crusher[edit | edit source]

SummerBossPhase1 14.png

The Sol Crusher is a boss of Summer. Sol Crusher is a huge sun with a rainbow around her. She will channel sunlight into crops, which will set them on fire. Flaming crops can be put out by watering them, a cow can be a great help because of this. She will occasionally enrage, spewing out bullets in all directions. When her health depletes, she will enter a second form, looking much meaner, while the rainbow disappears. Her attacks generally remain the same, except that when she enrages, she will also throw bombs in all direction.

U.F.B.[edit | edit source]

AlienBoss 2.png

The U.F.B. is an alternative boss of Summer. It continuously fires a fire beam at the player, forcing them to move constantly. The beam can set crops on fire, so care should be taken around crops. Only the circle at the beam's end damages. It will also occasionally fly into the sky, causing huge explosions in highlighted areas, that target the player. It can also stop moving, and shoot rings of bullets out of itself. These rings have gaps in them, however two rings next to each other won't have gaps in the same places, forcing the player to strafe in between them. The special U.F.O. enemies can also be found during the boss battle, otherwise exclusively spawning at the Blood Moon events.

Old Mech-Donald[edit | edit source]

FallBoss 11.png

Old Mech-Donald is a boss of Fall. Old Mech-Donald is a tractor with the face that resembles a farmer. He has 3 attacks: He will stay in one place, spewing out a lot of smoke clouds in the general direction of the player. He can also charge in a square pattern around the crops, stopping at every corner for a second to shoot some more smoke clouds. Finally, he will sometimes disappear, and summon tractor tires, which will either travel from down to up, while moving from left to right, or from left to right while moving from down to up.

The Spore You Know[edit | edit source]

MushBossLarge 0.png

The Spore You Know is an alternative boss of Fall. It is a giant Mushroom, that shoots spore-shaped bullets everywhere. When it dies, it'll unload a bunch of (non-bullet) spores. These spores will hatch if not killed soon enough, and will spawn more Mushrooms. These ones work the same, except their death-spores will spawn smaller mushrooms. And theirs will spawn even smaller ones. After the final small mushroom is killed, the boss is defeated.

Bundertaker[edit | edit source]

WinterBoss 0.png

The Bundertaker is a boss of Winter. Bundertaker is a huge buffed rabbit with a gun standing on a moon, which appears to be hanging from the sky on some ropes. He can shoot some bullets bigger than usual, and can also yell, which will spawn moon craters around him, which if not destroyed, will spawn albino rabbits to attack the player. Occasionally, Bundertaker will go up into the sky, and start sleeping. During this time he cannot be damaged. This phase is intended so that the player can defeat any leftover minions, to not be overwhelmed.

Itsy Bitsy[edit | edit source]

Itsy Bitsy is an alternative boss of Winter. This giant spider will run around frantically, with one of the, if not the highest enemy movement speeds. It can leave strings of bullets as it's running, to catch the player in a corner. It will also occasionally stop, to fire arrow-shaped rings of bullets with gaps in them, quite similarly to the U.F.B.'s attack. Other attacks are tba.

Corpse-a-Copia[edit | edit source]


Corpse-a-Copia is the final boss of the year. It appears in Nuclear Winter, which takes place after Winter. Nuclear Winter consists exclusively in the boss fight that starts as soon as you take the helicopter. The boss is a combination of fruits and vegetables forming a face and hands. Unlike other enemies of the game, it can only be damaged by harvesting crops, therefore the fight consist mainly in dodging attacks and planting seeds. Its attacks include: swiping at the player with its hands in highlighted areas, spawning giant crops that slowly move across the map (these can only deal contact damage, but they can be destroyed), raising its hand over the player's crops and snapping, which lights all crops on fire, and spawning in two types of nightmarish crops; one that will shoot an array of bullets at the player, and one that will explode in a gargantuan area after a set time.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the opening tutorial, a few of the enemies can be see as their normal animal counterparts. These animals are the bunnies and slugs, which both end up as the blunderbunny enemy and slug enemy. The bunnies can be seen next to the flower, and the slugs can be seen off-screen eating a bush.
  • Monstropod is a pun made from the words 'Monster' or 'Monstro' and 'Gastropod'.
  • Sol Crusher is a pun made from the words 'Solar' and 'Soul Crusher'.
  • Old Mech-Donald is a pun made from the words 'Mech' and 'Old McDonald' from the kid's poem.
  • Bundertaker is a pun made from the words 'Bun' or 'Bunny' and 'Undertaker'.
  • Corpse-a-Copia is a pun made from the words 'Corpse' and 'Cornucopia'.
  • Unfriendly Worm's name is probably a reference to the item called Helpful Worms.
  • U.F.B. is probably a portmanteau of Unidentified Flying Bunny, which is a reference to the portmanteau of U.F.O.
  • The Spore You Know is a pun made from the words 'Spore' and 'The More You Know' which is probably a reference to an internet meme.
  • Itsy Bitsy's name is probably taken from the kid's poem.