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Ant Builders offer permanent upgrades for the player to purchase in exchange for Cornucopias. Once unlocked, they will be found before starting a run, and will change the appearance of the player's farm as new upgrades are purchased.

There are 5 different Ant Builders in the game which are discovered at random during a run: the Historian, the Sage, the Chemist, the Engineer, and the Alien.

According to the official twitter account, the spawn locations are controlled, but the spawn order is random. All Ants can be found during any year. The Ants will spawn in these locations and order

  1. Tier 1 Jungle or Tundra biomes
  2. Tier 2 Plains or Desert biomes.
  3. Tier 2 Tundra or Jungle biomes.
  4. Tier 2 Tundra or Jungle biomes
  5. ???